the cave


We are BEAR. We’re an ambitious young company determined to take a big bite out of bad snacking habits. Grrr. We make pure fruit snacks with no added nonsense that make being healthy a little bit easier and a whole lot tastier.

why BEAR?

Our founder Hayley named her company BEAR after an article she read in 2009 that sounded all too familiar…The article studied bears that had drifted into cities to forage from behind junk food joints and bins. These city slickers were 30% fatter than their wild bear friends eating salmon and berries.

They were also 30% less active than the wild bears, and sadly all dead by the age of 10…whilst over 60% of the wild bears lived on healthily. This felt like a really simple picture of what BEAR was trying to do - to help people get back to eating as nature intended.

Woman sitting at a table with a bear

What makes us different?

We keep things simple – this means only using real ingredients and absolutely no sulphites, concentrates, preservatives, added sugar or added salt.

We work directly with all our farmers, meaning we can guarantee the quality and production standards of our snacks are the very highest. We pick ripe fruit when it’s perfectly in season, and bake it at low temperatures to make sure you hang on to the good bits.

BEAR today

Since we launched 9 years ago, we’ve grown quickly and we are currently sold in all the UK’s supermarkets and grrreat stores across the UK.

Now we are taking BEAR around the world and have really ambitious plans for our international growth across Europe, the Middle East and beyond. We are a growing team of 48 people, mostly based in our Cave down by the river on the Southbank, London.

a look inside the cave